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Terms & Conditions

1. The day of expected arrival: The pitches will be available from 3pm and must be occupied before 8pm. The rentals will be available from 3pm and must be occupied before 8pm.

2. Notify us of any delays: otherwise the campsite management may use the pitch or the rental for other purposes and the deposit will be forfeited to the campsite.

3. The final pitch or rental will be determined by the campsite on the day of arrival. For any changes of the dates of the stay, there is no guarantee that you get the same pitch or rental.

4. The rental of your pitch or accommodation does not become effective until we give our agreement and after receipt of your payment made by bank transfer, credit card or bank check payable to the campsite.

5. Payment terms: Your deposit of 25% of the total rate of the reserved services must be received within a maximum period of 8 days from the booking.
If we have not received your payment after this time, we will consider your booking as cancelled. After receiving your deposit, we will send you a confirmation insofar as there are availabilities. The balance must be paid on the day of arrival.

6. In case of late arrival or early departure compared with the dates mentioned in the reservation:
For camping, you will be charged the going rate for the pitch for the reserved days.
For rentals, no refund will be made.

7. In case of cancellation: For camping: the deposit will not be refunded. For mobile home rentals: Any cancellation before the date of arrival must be notified by mail: the deposit is in this case retained by the campsite. If no cancellation letter is received, 100% of the stay will be charged.

8. The day of departure, the pitch must be vacated no later than 12pm.
For departures after 12pm, an extra night will be charged. The day of departure: the mobile home must be vacated no later than 10 am (except for weekend packages from Friday 3pm to Sunday 5pm).

9. It is the camper’s responsibility to have insurance. The campsite declines all responsibility in case of theft, fire, bad weather, etc. and in case of an incident related to the civil liability of the camper.

10. The rental is strictly personal. The camper shall in no case sublet or give away the rental.

11. Deposit: For rented accommodations, a deposit of 200 euros will be required at the beginning of stay. This deposit includes breaking of materiel and in case the rental hasn’t been cleaned, a cleaning fee of 50 euros will be retained.

12. All campers are required to comply with the provisions of the rules and regulations of the campsite.

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